TIBA is the International Students Blockchain Association from Tsinghua University. Our goal is to bridge the gap between students and the industry, between the Chinese and international communities, and to let everyone work together to realize the potential of blockchain.

Welcome! Everything about TIBA is here! We are really excited to have you here

Contact TIBA Name: Brian Seong Email: seongjinwoo@outlook.com Wechat: xdarcy96 Linkedin: jinwoo-seong-0185441a1

Before you read the whole page, if you are interested in our association, then you can:

If you are a student@TsinghuaUniversity, feel free to reach out to us and join our association to get involved with our activities!

If you are a student from Other Universities, feel free to connect your own school's blockchain association with us and do something fun together!

If you are from a blockchain company and looking for cooperation, feel free to contact us for a discussion!

Anyone who is interested in joining our events, feel free to follow us on our Social Media accounts!

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Who are we?

TIBA, Tsinghua International Blockchain Association is a student association founded by a group of Tsinghua students who are enthusiasts in blockchain.

Since the day it was founded in February of 2018, we have always believed that the classroom and the library are not the only places for learning.

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